Release #286 Mikan Darkness 6

Title: (C85) [Chirarizumu (Hidaka Toworu, Ginga Azuma)] Mikan Darkness 6 (To LOVE-Ru Darkness)
JPN Title: (C85) [ちらりずむ (ヒダカトヲル, 銀河アズマ)] MIKANダークネス6 (ToLOVEダークネス)
mikandarkCommissioned by Cemex.
Personally I’m not fond of this kind of torture though the piercings are always a nice bonus.

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You can view it here

Release #283 Kichikubi Musume

Title: (C83) [Minori Kenkyuujo (Jikken Shirou)] Kichikubi Musume
JPN Title: (C83) [みのり研究所 (実験四郎)] 鬼乳首娘
Yet another release that might cause fuss due to it’s content.
Commissioned by HenAi of LWB a while back so filling the bounty.
While this does not cater to my tastes, I still do have to admit
that the art is superb.

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