Title: (SC51) [GACHINKO SHOBOU (Koban-ya Koban)] Ecchina Rider Biyori 2 Girishia Shinwasan sa-vanto Choushin Megane Bijo Rider no Rabitto Hakumitu Momojiri Me-puru Rennyuugake (Fate/stay night)
JPN Title: (SC51) [我チ○コ書房] (孤蛮屋こばん)] えっちなライダー日和 2 ギリシア神話産サーヴァント長身メガネ美女ライダーのラビッと白蜜桃尻めーぷる練乳がけ (Fate/stay night)
ecchinaYet another short release from me.
Seriously the actual title for this release is pretty huge so I shortened it.

The actual translation goes along something like this: “Ideal weather for a lewd rider 2. A greek mythology savant beautiful girl with long slender glasses covered in white honey maple condenensed milk.

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