Release #21 Aiko no Heya

Title: (C72) [Mahirutei (Izumi Mahiru)] Aiko no Heya (Renkin 3-Kyuu Magical? Pokahn)
JPN TITLE: (C72) [まひる亭 (泉まひる)] 鉄子の部屋 (錬金3級 まじかる?ぽか~ん)
This was requested earlier in my blog but I didn’t get a chance to upload it earlier. I really liked Magipoka as a series and it’s a real shame low little h-content it generated.

As usual, please support the artist out as his still active.
Doujinshi DB

You can view it here

Release #12 Aigis!CRASH!!

Title: (C79) [Fancy-Polori (Arabiki Koshou)] Aigis!CRASH!! (Persona 3)
JPN Title: (C79) [空想ポロリ (あらびき故障)] アイギス!CRASH!! (ペルソナ3)
aigisI have to stop filling these random bounties that I keep spotting. This one features the female protagonist getting molested by a very horny Aegis.

I find that the first ten pages work as pretty good yuri material.

Please support the artist if possible.
Doujinshi DB

You can view it in English here