UPDATE: Still alive and Discord


So I’m writing this to show that I’m still alive and kicking though I’ve had to slow my pace a bit due to real life related work taking more and more of my time.

Someone I know recommended me to start using Discord, the all-in-one voice and text chat. You can come say hi to me using this link https://discord.gg/nZyzCyz if you feel like it.

Comiket 82 is coming

Oh boy it’s almost time for Comiket 82. So many different things that need buying.
So far I have over 140 Pixiv favorited circles taking part at the event so I have to make some tough decisions on what should I purchase.

Have you guys already figured out what you want from Comiket 82?

WordPress woes

Looks like my blog suffered a minor setback today due to server updates.
I’m still unsure what caused WordPress to hang itself but I’m willing to guess that the reboot somehow messed up the MySQL stuff for WordPress.

Because of this I’ve lost some of my latests post and I’ll have to make them again and generally tinker with the site again. I would really like to find out what actually caused the site to become unresponsive.

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