Release #14 YURI SONA 2 Yoru no Joou – Midnight Queen

Title: (COMIC1☆5) [flowerchildUEDA] YURI SONA 2 Yoru no Joou – Midnight Queen (Persona 3)
JPN Title: (COMIC1☆5) [flowerchildUEDA] 百合ソナ2 夜の女王 Midnight Queen (ペルソナ3)
yurisona2Yet another bounty filled.
Think I’ll take a break after this when it comes to filling in bounties and push out some other releases.

This is a sequal story where for once is full girl on girl love without magic dicks or anything showing up.

Fans of Persona 3 should hopefully enjoy this. I’ve had some complaints about the art but I think that’s just fine and the artist is still somewhat new and is stretching his/her wings out.


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You can view the translated version here

Release #13 PEPEYUKIKO

Title: (C81) [DARABUCHIDOU (Darabuchi)] PEPEYUKIKO (Persona 4)
JPN Title: (C81) [だらぶち堂 (だらぶち)] PEPEYUKIKO (ペルソナ 4)
pepeyukiDecided to scan this real quick as it’s really short while working on this another bounty.

I’m a huge fan Darabuchi and I was bit disappointed with the ending of this.

People who follow his works might agree knowing how Darabuchi usually ends up his stories.

I’m bit unsure if I should start adding in blank pages so that there wont be minor gaps in the filenames.

What do you guys think I should do?

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You can view it here

Release #12 Aigis!CRASH!!

Title: (C79) [Fancy-Polori (Arabiki Koshou)] Aigis!CRASH!! (Persona 3)
JPN Title: (C79) [空想ポロリ (あらびき故障)] アイギス!CRASH!! (ペルソナ3)
aigisI have to stop filling these random bounties that I keep spotting. This one features the female protagonist getting molested by a very horny Aegis.

I find that the first ten pages work as pretty good yuri material.

Please support the artist if possible.
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You can view it in English here