Release #61 Lenna in Interstice of Dark Dimension

Title: (COMIC1☆5) [Shoutai Humei (hiro, shiver)] Lenna in Interstice of Dark Dimension
JPN Title: (COMIC1☆5) [しょうたいふめい (hiro, shiver)] 次元のはざまのレナ
First of all, my thanks to everyone involved in this project from Trinity Translations Team + LittleWhiteButterflies.

I’m not sure if I should actually count this as release since I only requested the translation from rinruririn who is really great person for accepting my request.

His currently in progress of setting up his own translation commission service that I have great expectations about.

The actual doujinshi itself is simply the digital version of the release which isnt sadly available anymore for purchase even if you wanted to support the circle.

You can view it here

Release #20 COMIC1☆5 Participation Commemoration Book

Title: (COMIC1☆5) [Power Slide (Uttorikun)] COMIC1☆5 Participation Commemoration Book
JPN Title: (COMIC1☆5) [パワースライド (うっとりくん)] COMIC1☆5 参加記念本
More short stuff from me.
This one is a short copy bon by Power Slide.

I really adore Power Slide’s style when it comes to female bodies. Most of his works are mixtures of comedy and porn which make them funny to look at.

It’s a real shame nothing from him ever gets translated and that he likes to write things himself which makes reading a bit of a pain at times.

Support him out if you can, he offers most of his older works on DLSite.
Doujinshi DB

You can view it here

Release #14 YURI SONA 2 Yoru no Joou – Midnight Queen

Title: (COMIC1☆5) [flowerchildUEDA] YURI SONA 2 Yoru no Joou – Midnight Queen (Persona 3)
JPN Title: (COMIC1☆5) [flowerchildUEDA] 百合ソナ2 夜の女王 Midnight Queen (ペルソナ3)
yurisona2Yet another bounty filled.
Think I’ll take a break after this when it comes to filling in bounties and push out some other releases.

This is a sequal story where for once is full girl on girl love without magic dicks or anything showing up.

Fans of Persona 3 should hopefully enjoy this. I’ve had some complaints about the art but I think that’s just fine and the artist is still somewhat new and is stretching his/her wings out.


Please show your support to the artist if possible
Doujinshi DB

You can view the translated version here