The purpose of this page is to give people the chance to request something they might want to see scanned.

Besides from the stuff I already own, I’m up for buying suggestions, either you provide the link or even the title will do and I will try to track it down. We’ll see how this goes.

One way to ensure what you might want scanned is to commission me to scan it.
If it’s being sold on some major retailer site such as Toranoana, Melonbooks. I can order it along with my other doujinshi. This way the only fee would be the actual price of the doujinshi in question. I can always arrange it to be shipped to the commissioner too.

You can find my somewhat outdated list of doujinshi that you can request to be scanned here.

As to how I can be contacted, my email is kalevalascans (at)

406 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Hi again Kalevala,

    With C82 looming over the horizon, I have a request.
    This particular doujin by Akisoba.

    UnRighteousness Collect

    This is actually based from a H-doujingame unholy sanctuary by hatahata – in turn based from ragnarok online. The artstyle is neatly done. I do think you may find this in your liking. You can also check his pixiv account if you want to check out his artistic prowess.

    if your curious about what it’s based from you can also check out the h-doujingame
    It’s really well made. Castlevania style gameplay.

    If you like it, hopefully you can buy it by the time it gets released.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Hey

      Sorry that I’ve been unable to reply any sooner.
      Looks really interesting based on the style but sadly it seems to have sold out on Toranoana but I have asked them to notify me if and when they restock it.

  2. Now that I provided you a link where it can be bought, are you interested at all on buying it? I’m surprised as well, assuming she’s a popular character by a lot of male audience and not seeing much doujins of her online.

    • Hey

      Thanks for the link. I’ll have to take the buying part into consideration because I really only deal with scans so digital releases fall out of my domain. I’ll have to see how much C82 drains my pockets.

      • Oh, it’s okay. I’m in no rush if you do decide to buy it. I’d feel guilty if I were the reason why you ended up having flies flying out your wallet.

    • I thought I put this in the message, but it turns out I didn’t ^^


      I think you may like it, and Stiel’s works rarely get upload. It’d be nice if more of Stiel’s works were uploaded, hence this request 🙂

    • I’ve been close watch on that one as it’s been requested by few other people besides from you through email but right now I’m worried that it will get scanned while it’s in transit because the doujinshi rush will hit later this/next week. I’ll hear how well my C82 associate did tomorrow, so I’ll know how much spare money I have left to throw around for this month.

    • Blue Garnet’s works seem to slowly get uploaded but that seems like a fairly high quality Nurarihyon doujinshi so I’ll consider.

      U.R.C also enjoys steady uploads I think, however I like Activa’s works and that Dear My Dolls doesnt look all that bad either.

    • Ah Rippadou.
      One of my favorite circles, particularly the artist Inugai Shin.
      I’ve been staying off Rippadou’s works as I believe they do digital sales and those have been steadily getting uploaded to the internet.

      I’ll keep my mind open for that one though as I think it’s not up for digital sales yet.

  3. Hey again, reposting an old request:

    [Kanten Jigenryuu] 獣華繚乱

    IIRC you weren’t able to use YahooAuctions, but maybe that’s changed.

    I’ve been checking on Rinsako’s blog since I know he ordered this, but it’s still inactive. I’m convinced he is not coming back. x_x

    Also, a new request:

    [Kanten Jigenryuu] Blue Tears

    Thanks. =)

  4. Hello Kaleva-sama, I’m new here and stuff and I don’t want to bother if your are busy so…could please (if you can obviously) get this doujinshi scanned thanks anyways for your hard work (even though I it’s my first here so yeah…) If i’m not mistaken you recieve a lot of requests from toranoana right? sadly or not here are my requests hopefully you can get them all, I mean the ones you can and YOU like otherwise It would be counterproductive for you…

    Please I’m counting on you! (I know you don’t promise anything, but I don’t want my spirits to be down) Anyways thanks a lot!!! Hopefully we could meet each other in real life someday!

    • @Smosh:
      Don’t worry I already requested Kalevala that doujinshi, and in any case sorry for not telling you earlier, I’m just sayin’.

  5. Hey Kalevala , can I ask you to scan those doujins as well? xD

    Forgot to order them before hahaha

    oh and don’t spend your money on this one , because I already start to scan it.

    I will post on e-hentai soon

    thanks and see you around 😉

    This…THIS doujinshi Is A MUST SCAN of the popular IS~Infinite Stratos~, starring Chifuyu, Ichika, And Houki. But please this is (NOT) Toranoana, it’s DLsite, so you have less problems with it, and I know you ar busy as hell, so do it when you feel like it. Another note, the artists are Tsukimi Daifuku and Shimekiri Sanpunmae, If you know them, you possibly understand how AWESOME and PERFECT their illustrations are, so please Kalevala-sama!!! I beg you! Hopefully you can scan it, but please don’t take this as an order just as any request that everyone does in your blog.
    P.S:Toranoana Link:

    Thanks for your awesome work as always!!!

  7. Hi, I have a request. This is one that I would personally want, but I’m not sure if you can still obtain it. If you can, however, I will be deeply thankful.

    TBH not even sure if the last link is a site that you can somehow buy it from, and the 2nd link is just a reference: it is out of stock too. But hopefully there’s an alternative source.

    Thank you!

  8. Kalevala-sama!!!!!!!!!! Please! So what do you think about the I.S. (Infinite Stratos) doujinshi I posted? Does it have your approval? Please answer!!!!!! I’m really hoping for you to scan it! Thanks a lot, I didn’t want to bother.

    P.S:I have a TON of other things to request you In case you wanted to know…

    • Take it easy lol. He’s prolly busy with IRL. It’s not like he has a bag of infinite gold for our requests. Last thing I want to happen is he gets annoyed with the amount of pestering. Prioritize what you want and keep it in moderation. That way it’ll be easy for him to skim through the requests and pick what he wants.

      • @Lyncs:
        Thanks for the hint, I will take in account from now on. The things is that I keep thinking that with so many requests and busy life he has I thought he would forget, my bad. I think I should be more patient.

      • Lyncs pretty much summed it up. I take scan commissions which keep me pretty busy along with translation group related scanning.
        One sure way to get things scanned that people might want to see is commissioning me to scan it.

        If it’s on some major retailer site, the only fee would be the actual price for the doujinshi.
        I should prolly sticky this bit somewhere lol.

    • I usually have a strict policy of not touching stuff that’s available for sale digitally as someone will eventually get to releasing the digital edition. I always get this feeling like I’m throwing my money away into a deep well.

  9. There doesn’t seem to be a high-quality (e.g. not for keitai) scan of the latest Naruho-Dou doujinshi, called “Virgin Foam Princess Hinata” (or something like that. Hinata as a soap-woman) out on the internet yet.

    I would totally be up for translating it if you could get me the scans. Hell, if i were in Japan right now i’d be out at Mandarake or somewhere like that looking for a copy…

    • Damn those doujin-moe devils, they cut off me and Super Shanko’s efforts to translate that Robin SP

      Though compiling with that BBA story was a good idea…

      Still want/am willing to translate the Hinata thing, though!

      • I was really afraid that might happen pretty soon after the RAW hit the floor.
        Real shame about that, I managed to dodge the bullet with that Tifa doujinshi from ACID-HEAD.

        Sadly Naruto aint usually what I buy unless I’m commissioned and with all these suggestions coming in I strictly have to follow my own tastes.
        I will consider it though.

  10. If it’s asking for too much, would it at all possible to get a scan of Soix 3? It’s been around for a while now, but it’d be nice to get a HQ scan of it (not just because its just plain awesome).

    I believe I managed to track it down, but it’s hard to tell:

    Crap in a hat, I messed up the link….

    • That doujinshi was so 10/5 would fap again. I prolly actually never paid any attention to the resolution issue because of that lol.
      I’ll see if I can find it at my usual retailers along with other stuff.

    • Yes, that doujinshi is all about Dominion Tank Police. The first story is from Cobanzame, forgot who the second artist was.
      Hi-Side 7 huh? I’ve seen the cover so many times at E-H that I’ve never considered that all the scans for it suck. I’ll keep that in mind if I can find it on some alternative site.

  11. Hello! Kalevala-sama, I am here to tell you that some of the Muv-Luv Doujins I requested before were scanned, and the only ones that I ask you (I you are busy then, take your time and do it when you want to) are the two doujinshis drawn by the circle LEYMEI.
    Well. and the one I posted initally:

    Thanks A LOT for your work, and thank you very much for scanning the Kore Wa doujin of Ohkura Bekkan, really I am very grateful to you!

  12. hello Kalevala,
    i was wondering: is it better to send you messages via gmail or use e hentai inbox? the reason i ask is because I’ve sent a message in e hentai inbox, but the reply i got seemed a little out of date.
    for example: correct me if I’m wrong, it seemed the ones i requested from surugaya and yahoo auction are out of reach. in the message i sent (on oct 22 2012) i mention some suggestions on how to buy beyond melonbooks and toranoana. i mention sites such as: (from what i read: this website allows anyone (non japanese) to buy from any Japanese website including yahoo auctions)
    and, sample: (this is another good way to get things uploaded, check the message i sent on oct 22 2012 or send me another message if you have questions).
    i cant use rakuten because the titles and descriptions are different from the translated versions (there are also no pictures on that site). ive already checked this link:, x (the one i requested) seems to be already their and ready to be scaned.
    i also want to commission: (b.b idol final splash by Koutarou) and (trouble everyday by mrp)

    • Hey
      You should try reaching me through my email address kalevalascans (at) or in IRC on Rizon server, channel #lwb.
      GMail should be the easiest option to you because of the chat option.

  13. Hello Kalevala-sama! How r u doing? I was here only asking if you could found a place for scanning the remaining Muv-Luv doujinshi

    And I only wanted to know if you have more free time, I mean if you are less busy with your work because I wanted to know if you can also scan CG? If you do, could you scan these? (IF YOU WANT AND YOU ARE FREE that is).

  14. Hello again Kalevala. I know I already requested before, but…this is a favor and also a question I have for you…do you scan non-h doujinshi? I mean it seriously. I know you are more familiar with H doujinshis of X anime and what not, but I don’t know if you knew this manga (it’s quite old BTW) but is still running till this day it is called “Jojo No Kimyou Na Bouken” or may be this will ring a bell to you “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” illustrated and written by Hirohiko Araki. It’s still a hit in Japan, and it recently (September) started airing the newly for the first time in mor than 20 years of running in Shonen Monthly Jump, a new series which will cover from the first 2 parts of the story. What I want to say is (I also, optional anyways, recommend you reading it. It starts very slow and a little bit dull, but with the stories after part 1, which is called “Phantom Blood”, then the pacing goes a lot much better and exciting, not to mention “Stardust Crusaders” is the part were JoJo’s potential started to bloom and grow as an independent franchise and iconic-cultural symbol in Japan, and were Araki’s imagination truly goes to it’s peak and it gets better after that. I know this is a request and not Jojo 101, but still I request this “NON-H” doujinshi of JoJo. Hopefully if you like it, then great for you. And if you have the time and will to do it, then thanks a lot again Kalevala. Here are the links (unfortunately Toranoana, but I don’t seem to find these doujinshis anywhere else…sorry bout that).

  15. Ehmmm…SORRY Kalevala!!! I swear this is my last request for now, and will not bother you with a request again for a long time…but please only please, PLEASE!!!!
    could you scan this uhmm…Muv-Luv doujinshi??? Thanks, I really want to make up for all the trouble I made to you. I would be very grateful if you scan it. Thanks a lot for your hard work on a lazy like me…
    P.D: Thank you very much!!!!!

  16. Hello Kalevala,

    I’m quite new on your website. I are doing an amazing job scanning all this excellent stuff !
    I’m very gratfefull for latest acid-head doujin for example.

    By the way, I have a request:
    L.B. collection by Insert(ken)

    I’m a big fan of this artist and waiting for all his/her stuff.
    Let me know if it’s possible 😉


    • Hey
      I was actually commissioned by someone to scan that and I have the book with me already.
      I would like to warn that 95% of the stories in it are just his older works because it’s a compilation.
      This is why I’m scanning it slowly. The only new thing in it, is this really short Highschool of the Dead story that immediately scanned for the commissioner. You can check the index of what the book has here

      • Hi,

        ok good new you have already the book!
        And thank you for the index.

        Actualy, the is some old books from the artist I don’t have. And some are in it so 🙂
        I’m waiting for your great scan ^^

        Thank you again for your work 😉

  17. Just curious but where is the pic for your credit come from? I’m always lol when I see it…

  18. I know you are busy and you have a tight schedule, but I don’t have nothing against you (on the contrary, there are a lot of things I’m being very grateful to you and thanks a lot for your hard work scanning all these impossible doujinshis and stuff and I’m in debt with you, I know when I can I will boost your orders and comissions donating.)…but could you at least tell me roughly the day or the month when you are going to scan the doujinshi of LEYMEI of Muv-Luv please?
    P.S: I would like to have your mail so instead I can contact you and ask updates on the site and stuff and if I could ask you comissions.

    P.S #2: I know, I am not a very patient person as you can see and I don’t want to bother you anymore with this…BUT…could you scan these two doujinshi I asked before…AFTER you finished scanning all your comissions and orders from Toranoana? One as you may think is Muv-Luv the other was an IS doujinshi
    this one in contrast is from DLsite (if changing the site would make to you any difference)
    Anyways, good luck with everything and hopefully you can have great holidays after this. Bye Kalevala! Ariel

  19. If my requests bother you tell me, and I was only asking when you are probably going to have that Muv-Luv doujinshi scanned?

    P.S:Sorry if I asked about your email adress,it was rude and I know it.
    P.S: If you are less busy and when you finish scanning your Toranoana orders I am going to put my requests. But if I tell you, you would probably know them by now.

    • While I greatly enjoy SAO.
      That circle seems to enjoy a huge following and their work gets scanned frequently so I’ll have to turn you down.

  20. Sorry for the sudden interrumption and requesting you ANOTHER doujinshi BUT THIS IS TYPE-G!!!!!! Is a very talented artist and their doujinshis are always top-class and high quality art!!!!!!
    And this is not an exception since is MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE TOTAL ECLIPSE!!!!

    Please Kalevala, consider it!!! Although its release on the market is December 31st so you have plenty of time to order it (I recommend it, but as always you choose what is to upload, so thanks anyways).

    P.S: I know I’m very persistent/stubborn but could you also please check this doujinshi out (also of Muv-Luv, sorry if it gets redundant by now).

    P.S: And a little question regarding the CG, so what is your final decision?

    • While I really like Type-G myself, so do many others.
      Their works get scanned really quick too so I’ll have to pass on that one. Right now I’m really stretched on funds because Comiket is happening this month so I’ll most likely have to turn any freebies down.

      I’ll also sadly have to turn down the CG request for now because there’s no fun in just ripping pictures from CD’s.

      • Thanks for your reply. Sorry, then I’ll wait for the commissions/orders finish and hopefully (and I trust your word) that in C83 someone buys that doujinshi…And bout the CG, well ok I will wait and if you can’t rip it, sorry I didn’t want to waste your time with that, and make you feel more “guilty” for what you are doing. Sorry man.

  21. Hey

    I noticed that you uploaded one of the things you commissioned me to buy for you. I was wondering if you had gone and purchased some of the other items you asked me to buy.

  22. around nov.18 you sent me a list of what you ordered and what you cant order,
    i had someone else order the things that you said you couldnt buy.
    most of the things you said you ordered are still their.

  23. Good day,

    A new request Kalevala. Do you remember nishieda? The guy who’s making cover art for comic megastore. Yeah, him. He had a compilation of those cover arts that covers volumes from 2002-2008 got turned into an artbook.

    Now he released a new artbook that covers 2008 onwards. Apparently no one detected this, myself included. It got released since october in toranoana.
    Nisheda’s artwork speaks for itself.


  24. Hey Kalevala! How’s it going? I’m here to request another thing out of the oridnary (If you can call it like that) I want you to request one doujinshi of Accel World.

    P.S:And about the CG request. maybe in a future you could post it/rip it when you are less busy?

    And I also recently saw that you scanned a doujinshi of “Girls Und Panzer” so I would like you to request another one, if you want to.

    P.S #2: Do you buy things from DLsite?

  25. Sorry Kalevala for requesting this much…I’m really sorry and I know I’m requesting things very early the day of the comiket 83, but could you just please pre-order this one please!!!
    It’s a Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon Doujinshi, but please whatever you like or want or shout at me, please could ypu at least hear me this time and order it??? It’s a very big favor the one I’m asking, but please consider this on your order/buying/shipping list!!! Please!

    And this may be also a strange request, could you please consider ordering this Chiriharafuyu (it’s actually a slice of life/seinen anime series, and it’s not very well known actually, I mean it’s popular but not by very much) doujinshi? I would be very glad as well if you take it on account! It’s also made by the circle Ohkura Bekkan if you were interested (the very first doujinshi I requested about Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?)

    • Early yes to that question.
      I’ve been contacted by the guy who commissioned me to scan Yama Hime no Mi -Touko-.

      You can bet they will also get translated too.
      Question is, will people be patient enough or will awful camera scans show up first.

  26. Hello 🙂

    You seem to scan new releases quite actively, so as this thread exists I’ll allow myself to post a few worth attention (and scanning IMHO) books : – an old one – the same artist as above and it might be near to impossible to get that one :< – that one is the most anticipated by me :S

    P.S Sorry for so many -_-.

    I'll be grateful for picking up anything listed above :).


    • Hey

      Saw that one, really tempted to buy it but whenever I have bought something from the circle, it’s been scanned while the item is moving to my place.

      • And will you reconsider scanning the other two doujins? If you do could please specially scan one of the twq. Specially scan the second one, but then again it’s your choice. Thanks anyways Kalevala.

  27. Hello,

    I won’t be original as I say that I want to give my 5 cents to the following list of requests/wishes :

    I guess you could say, their order on the list gives desire to see them scanned.

    Thanks for reconsidering the list even if you don’t pick anything, you still do a great job for the community :).

  28. You mentioned a while back that you have a Karei NUDOL with Rei Ayanami that you just haven’t scanned. I was wondering if you would be able to do that one any time soon. Thanks.

  29. hi, a while ago I requested this doujin, which sis a parody of kore wa zombie

    but was sold out.

    I think I may have found a site that is selling it now, if google translate is correct this one is a restock mayb

    here’s the site

    let me know if it’s good thanks

    EDIT: also the queen’s blade doujin seems to be in stock on this site
    if you’re able to buy it here too, that be great and i be more than happy to pay for share or something

    Hey Kalevala, I know this is a pretty different request but since you did part 3, could you please please pleeeeeease sometime scan the rest of the series? It’s literally nowhere I can get it and it’s so high quality, if you ever get the time, I’d love you even more for doing this.

    Thanks, even if you don’t really get around to it, it’s really nice of you already!

    • Thank you for the comment. I was commissioned to scan the one I released from Ohigetan.
      You could also try to commission me if you are interested.

    • Hey

      Thanks for the suggestion. I like his art based on what I’m seeing through the link.
      Sadly however I do not deal with digital items due to my messed up logic and for the fact that there’s no actual scanning involved.
      However I’ll consider physical copies of his stuff.

    • I’m a huge fan of Manabe Jouji myself so I’m bit ashamed to admit that I wasnt aware of these releases.
      It’s really odd how nobody has scanned them, I was bit put off buying works from him because the last two that I bought got uploaded while my copies were in transit. I’ll definately consider it though.

  31. Hello. First of all, thank you very much for your scans. Really, thanks for your efforts.

    Now, my request are:

    1) Ecchi A Life (エッチ・ア・ライフ)
    Parody: Date A Live (デート・ア・ライブ)
    Circle: Nokishita no Nekoya (軒下の猫屋)
    Author: Aldehyde (アルデヒド)
    Format: B5, 28 pages.
    Price: Approx. 788 yens.

    What can I say? It’s a Date A Live doujin, drawn by Aldehyde, with a excelent quality in the designs.

    Parody: Strike Witches (ストライクウィッチーズ)
    Author: Kyogoku Shin (京極しん)
    Format: B5, 40 pages.
    Price: Approx. 735 yens.

    Previously you scanned a SW non-h doujin, and we the Strike Witches’ fans were very happy, because a Kyogoku doujin in the Internet is something really uncommon. So, please, all of us hope to see this new doujin scanned.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for the errors in my english. It’s not my first language.

    • Hey

      Thank you for the request. I’m ashamed to admit that I have not watched Date A Live.
      Scanning keeps me so busy but I’ve recently started trying to watch TV while I scan but for now I can only consider that one.

      As for this one. I was really hoping that would have interest in translating the Suomus book I scanned from Kyougoku but nothing seems to happening. I could however buy this one if someone was interested in paying me the 10-15$

  32. Hiii there,

    I would to ask you for アクションピザッツ 2013年 03月号 magazine, I am really looking for it for a while. Here are some descriptions:

    I am ready to pay the book price and commission for your work on scalating it. Just contact me to fixe the deal please.
    Have a good day and hope to see you soon.


    • Hey

      Thank you for the request but doesn’t COMIC Action Pizazz get scanned really often?
      I would think that you might be better off waiting a while to see if the RAW shows up though it is odd that Action Pizazz 4 and 5 have uploaded…

    • Hey
      I’ll try to buy and that scan sequal doujinshi when it gets released at the end of April.
      I wish people would get off their asses and commissions Girls und Panzer doujinshi translations though.

    • Hello
      I was going to actually buy that when I bought “TRIPRIESTLY PLAYING” but sadly did not have enough money on hand at the moment so I had to skip on buying it. It hasn’t still been scanned which makes me really sad though I suspect that Doujin Moe has it in their premium member section like they had “TRIPRIESTLY PLAYING”

    • Ouch. You sure picked knew how to pick the tough ones 😛 Doujinshi and copybons from Tokyo Gamachannel tend to be really expensive as most of them are event only items and no store distribution gets done. You would have to be pretty dedicated to hunt all these down.

  33. Hi Kalevala,

    I am contacting you back for the Action Pizzaz 2013-03 magazine. Seems that last volumes are scanned fastly but I contacted many persons and checked everywhere … impossible de find it to date. So I prefer pay it and finaly get it rather than wait longer, the magazine could be definitely out of stock.
    Here is the Melonbooks link of the item:

    Just contact me about the commissions to fixe out all of that 🙂
    Thank you for your services.

    • Hey. The magazine is still sold out sadly at Melonbooks. Otherwise I would have included into my Melonbooks order that is going out this week.
      For some reason I cannot find it for sale at Toranoana and it’s sold out at Amazon. Really odd. Those are the easy stores that I can use.

  34. I don’t think Toranoana sells Action Pizzaz, anyway to date I never found any section for it.
    Now about Amazon, I just checked and there are 4 sellers for that magazine. prices: ¥199, ¥499, ¥898 and ¥900
    I don’t care they are used item at least they are readable. The magazine is out for more than 4 months now so chances to get it as a new item are weak.

    Anyway, as said previously I am ready to commission you and pay the book price if it’s ¥370 (normal price) or ¥900. just let me know if it’s okay for you.

    • The used copies are being sold through Amazon’s Marketplace and I’m not entirely sure if they are willing to ship to outside Japan.
      Besides the actual item price, you would have to pay the shipping cost to where I am and possibly additional fee for scanning the entire thing because it will easily take few evenings to get it all done.

      • Oh I see. I through you’re living japan but indeed it would pretty much hard order that magazine and request the delivery outside japan.
        Well, thank you very much for everything and if you find it on another site offering you more facilities, contact me please.
        See you

    • Hey. I did not actually buy that one myself because of how often works from the circle get scanned.
      I have been somewhat disappointed in the amount of translations Girls und Panzer doujinshi are getting and I have so many doujinshi unscanned at the moment so I actually consider my translations requests really hard. Hopefully some mainstream group will pick it up for translation though.

  35. It’s gonna be the one month anniversary soon of me commissioning those scans.

    How are we gonna celebrate?

    ugh, there’s no real way of me asking how the scans are coming along without sounding like an impatient dick. I figured you ship them together with all your other stuff so I wasn’t sure if you recently had them shipped, or if you’re really busy at the moment. Worth asking, anyway.


    Hi Kalevala…I know I requested this before…but can you please upload this doujinshi of Little Busters? One is made from circle GUST and the other is a new cirlce My-Yuki Project (I think it’s new, I didn’t read it’s name anywhere else). As visual novel is FRIGGIN’ popular and recently it had an anime based on the novel. A second season is announced called Little Busters – Refrain. Well if you are less occupied can you please anwser me?

  37. Hey, I commissioned a bunch of stuff months ago (I think more then 10 doujinshi), but I haven’t heard anything from you in months, so I’m wondering if you’re still around.

    • As with the last time, I’ll consider it. Maybe see if someone is interested in commissioning it. The last Unrighteousness Collect unfortunately did not cause any waves.

      • I’ve been observing the availability of this doujin. It seems alot of people are ordering it. I saw it re-stock just a day ago after the pre-orders went out and quickly got down to 1-bar availability in toranoana. I would like to ask if you managed to get the doujin?

    • Oh my. That seems like a really rare gem. I tried searching through my usual places for it but no luck.
      I’ll definately try to find it because the lulz value is incredible.

      EDIT: Found it

    • Each time I’ve considered buying works from TRI-MOON, someone has usually scanned them before the package has reached me.
      Maybe I should honestly just risk it this time around.

  38. Hey Kalevala, did you receive my email about a bunch of books I commissioned? Just wondering because I hope you haven’t forggottten about me.


    • Hey. Thanks for asking. Unfortunately I’ve had to put that on backpedal as I’ve got a great deal of unfinished commissions left.
      Rest assured I’ll get to it as soon as the situation calms down.

  39. kalevala, after you are done with your current commissions, can you scan the doujinshi that these pictures in these links are from? :…amp;s=view&id=1845499…&s=view&id=958013…amp;s=view&id=1920845…amp;s=view&id=1920841

    payanikov,shuz dodidu,midsummer maddness,lolita channel, arekishi and stem roam artwork and doujinshi is so good i am requesting those doujinshi here. please make these doujinshi be your 2014 projects and commissions

      • Yeah about that,

        It already got bought and scanned by kalevala. He told me that he’s going to eventually upload the doujin to e-hentai.

        That was around october-november-ish I think. I honestly don’t know if he’s just very busy or totally forgot about it. He has his priorities I suppose. Lots of people commissioned before and there’s a long line. Atleast, that’s what I like to think.

          • I commissioned too for a scanlation, supposed to be done for a month or two be seems he has a huge things to do an not enough free time. He told me he will plan a bit then let’s hope everything will be fixed soon.

  40. Hey kal,

    I sent you an email about Izayoi artbook scanlation progress since you told it would take 2 weeks to receive the book, but you didn’t give me any answer. Then just in case you did not get my mail or you have problems with your mail box 😉

    Best Regards.

  41. Dear Kalevala, I’ve been a huge fan of this site for a long time. I wonder if it would be possible to add the following two books to your list of potential buys, the author is really excellent. I would commission them if I could, however the risks of doing so would be rather hazardous. If there is another way to do so, I’m all ears and would be more than happy to pay for both and for your time in getting them, the world needs to see them.

    The books are both from the Author “Minion”.

    Thank you for your consideration

  42. Hey,

    I am trying to contact you for days now and no reply at all.
    I am still waiting my scans and I still don’t know if you even received the book. You were supposed to get it 2 or 3 weeks ago then I hope you scanlated it since last time I spoke with you.
    As I told you previously it’s pretty much urgent and I need it before Wednesday.

    Hope I will get a response soon

  43. Hey,

    Did you get any of my e-mails? Just saw your tweet and I’m worried that none of them got through or something, because I haven’t received any reply.


    • Hey. Could you mail me at kalevalascans at
      Quite sure I can grab Dharma Karman #02 for you but not so sure about Hundred Sweet Chocolates.

    • i want to request kurokawa kei doujin to be scanned. kurokawa kei/payanikov just released generation 2 doujin during comic 1*8 like the years before. dont you upload comic1*8 doujin here? this artists doujin is 10 – 12 pages in a dvd rom like lolita channel doujinshi. please scan/commission the doujin from kurokawa kei/payanikov soon!

  44. Good day, Kalevala, it is me again, the guy who commissioned a Dorohedoro doujinshi back in the day with WebMoney.
    So I’m back with another request and this time I can actually pay with PayPal.
    The trick is that unfortunately by today the manga that I want is all sold out on Toranoana and Melonbooks, yet it is still available here:
    So the question is, can you buy and scan it for me? If yes, please tell me your price.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



    • I have to admit that the cover for Horizontal World doujinshi is pretty awesome but sadly the book is currently sold out.
      Same problem with the second book and the third one is weird as it’s taking pre-orders despite the release date being 2013/12/31

    • I’ll take them into consideration however PLUM’s works have a pretty good scan ratio and with how good Love Live! is doing I can imagine we’ll see the scans soon from someone else.

    • Hey,

      I got your email but did not have time to answer it.
      That particular doujinshi is currently taking pre-orders and the actual release will be before Comiket in August.
      I’ll email you further information.

    • I just saw that you translated neither but scanned or uploaded both, but in any case the first one exists in English, the second one doesn’t. So maybe I just got this wrong to begin with.

  47. Hello Kalevala,

    Please consider scanning these two works:
    [Fiance Tank (Matsue-)] Ringo-chan So Cute! (Uta no Prince-sama)
    Bounty set up by me at e-hentai:

    [Temparing (Tokimachi Eisei)] Numa no Kanrinin no Oshigoto (Kaiji)
    Bounty set up by me at e-hentai:

    I am interested in translating these two works.

  48. Hello Kalevala,

    Please consider scanning these two works:

    [Fiance Tank (Matsue-)] Ringo-chan So Cute! (Uta no Prince-sama)
    Bounty posted by me:

    [Temparing (Tokimachi Eisei)] Numa no Kanrinin no Oshigoto (Kaiji)
    Bounty posted by me:

    I am interested in translating them.

  49. hi,i dont know if u like ntr or not,but im a big fan of Sankaku Apron,as u know,hes a master of ntr works.Hope u can help me scan 2 of his works

  50. Hello 😀
    Thanks again for the Akisoba’s collect 2! (And thanks Lyncs too!)

    I just want to notify you that there’s a 3rd one that just came out from C86 >..<

  51. It would be really nice if you could get me these two doujins. I will pay for it, of course.

    They probably won’t get scanned anytime soon (if ever). I have no other way to read doujins, since the last time I imported items slightly lewd (it wasn’t even hentai), half of it got confiscated at customs.

    I also really want this doujin:

    But I think the series this doujin is based on might have enough fans to be scanned in the near future? I don’t know, with your experience do you think there is a good chance it might be scanned in the not so far future?

    If you are interested in taking my request please send me an email.

  52. Oh jeez, I admit that in my haste I only now see this request page, so I guess I’ll copy paste my dumb comment from your latest news post over here since this seems more appropriate. I’m very new to this. >.<

    "Hello! I sincerely apologize if this seems out of no where but I was wondering if you happened to have this particular work from C87, . If by any chance you did, would it be scanned and available in the foreseeable future? I’ve been looking to see if anyone happened to pick this up at C87 without any luck yet.

    Sorry if I was rude!"

  53. Hey Kalevala DarkMulletFist Here!
    Sent you a email regarding that moth girl doujin hope you get it.

  54. Hi, dunno if you still take requests, but would you consider getting these two scanned?
    The first one can be purchased through Toranoana only, since the author wasn’t able to finish the book in time for Comiket 90.
    The second one I’ve been waiting for ages to be scanned, but in vain. The omake book handed out during C90 has been scanned though, for some weird reason.





    • Hey. If you are still sure you want to purchase and scan that doujinshi, please contact me at kalevalascans [at]

  59. Hi Kalevala,could you scan this?I couldn’t even find a website that selling this doujin
    I will be grateful if you could give me some help.
    Sorry for my bad English and thanks for your works
    (C94) [Zero’s Factory (G Zero)] Jouyoku ni Oboreta Osananajimi
    (C94) [零’sふぁくとりー (Gゼロ)] 情欲に溺れた幼馴染

  60. Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to scan the following:
    The first I have no idea of its status. The following two seem out of stock.
    These seem to be upcoming for C95. These are all from the same group or author. These also don’t seem to be obtainable aside from a physical print. I would be open to discussing commission details if there is interest.

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