Release #20 COMIC1☆5 Participation Commemoration Book

Title: (COMIC1☆5) [Power Slide (Uttorikun)] COMIC1☆5 Participation Commemoration Book
JPN Title: (COMIC1☆5) [パワースライド (うっとりくん)] COMIC1☆5 参加記念本
More short stuff from me.
This one is a short copy bon by Power Slide.

I really adore Power Slide’s style when it comes to female bodies. Most of his works are mixtures of comedy and porn which make them funny to look at.

It’s a real shame nothing from him ever gets translated and that he likes to write things himself which makes reading a bit of a pain at times.

Support him out if you can, he offers most of his older works on DLSite.
Doujinshi DB

You can view it here

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