Release #109 Ajin Shouho-tan vol.4

Title: (C83) [Erdelied] Ajin Shouho-tan vol.4 (Original)
JPN Title: (C83) [エルデライド (音音丸)] 亜人少女譚 vol.4 (オリジナル)
ajinvol4More monster girl madness from circle Erdelied.
Commissioned by HenAi. This one is currently being edited into English, so hopefully we’ll be able to see that version sometime in the future.

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You can view it here

5 thoughts on “Release #109 Ajin Shouho-tan vol.4

  1. I’ve thought this for a long time but you and your group are terrible. You scan the work of hard working artists then claim it as your own by placing your horrible “knight” icon ON TOP OF the ACTUAL author’s information. You guys are downright jerks.

    • Obvious cheap ass leecher is obvious. Buy the damn thing and support the artist then. No need to feel entitled.

  2. Actually, he places the watermark in an unobtrusive location to encourage people to buy their own copy of it if they want a clean one.

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