Release #89 ALI×MORU

Title: [Toko-ya (HEIZO, Kitoen)] ALI×MORU (Magi)
JPN Title: [床子屋 (HEIZO, 鬼頭えん)] ALI×MORU (マギ)
alixmoruThis one should be a nice Christmas gift to the fans of the series that have been hoping that Morgiana would actually for once get some warm love. Hopefully this will balance out some of the fujoshi crap.

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3 thoughts on “Release #89 ALI×MORU

    • Thank you for taking time to comment on this release.
      I do have to apologize if the figure of speech offended you.
      I felt it summed the situation better. There’s easily like over 20 pages of girls only content on Toranoana for Magi.
      I shuffle through it every now and then hoping to find things like genderbender themed doujinshi, but sometimes it can really frustrate you.

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