Release #78 I Won’t Lose to a Mere Cock

Title: (C82) [Bitch Bokujou] I Won’t Lose to a Mere Cock | Book Re-Birth (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha/Dog Days)
JPN Title: (C82) [Bitch牧場] 絶対チ○ポなんかに負けたりしない本 Re:birth
It occurred to me today that for some reason I hadn’t had posted this yet despite the actual release is few months old. I wonder how many other old scans I’ve forgotten to post about. This release was a joint venture with Chocolate Scans

The story in this one is fairly interesting and I was really surprised when the cast of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha crossover invade into the world of Dog Days. Bitch Bokujou seems to working on SAO related doujinshi for Comiket 83 release. I might scan that one too if I get commissioned to scan it like this one.

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1 thought on “Release #78 I Won’t Lose to a Mere Cock

  1. Wow. I was fully prepared to hate this and be depressed but it’s so incredibly stupid and absurd, it’s hilarious. Start of with the lesbian being a cockhungry slut. Very questionable, but fine, it’s a hentai doujin. Then, oh no! It was actually an OLD GUY this entire time?! Fucking a boy for absolutely no reason was a-ok but now this? I’m suddenly devastated, I’m so sorry Nanoha, forgive me! What a load of crap.

    Anyway, thanks, this made me chuckle.

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