Recent purchases and commissions

I’ve been meaning to compile together some of recent things I’ve purchased for myself or have been commissioned to purchase. Guess I’ll try to make up the list for Toranoana stuff I’ve ordered recently.

22.09.2011 Melonbooks









Few of mine, 98% of commissions.
08.10.2012 Melonbooks

Bottom row is mine, rest are commissions.
30.10.2012 Melonbooks



First for in this one is my stuff, the rest are commissions.

3 thoughts on “Recent purchases and commissions

    • Hey

      If you really want to boost the chances of seeing these doujinshi.
      You could always commission me. As you can see from the above pictures I have plenty of things to work with right now. I’ll try to get that one Muv-Luv doujinshi done though.

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