Release #4 Morrigan no Oppai Hon

Title: (SC40) [Gasayabu (Fuyube Rion)] Morrigan no Oppai Hon (Darkstalkers)
JPN Title: (サンクリ40) [がさやぶ (冬部李穏)] モリガンのおっぱい本 (ヴァンパイアセイヴァー)
oppaihonDecided to scan this quickly for all the Morrigan lovers. The actual printed version is fairly light in terms of printing. At least the stuff from the other side of the page didn’t bleed int that much.

Having trouble deciding if I should keep scanning at 600 dpi or drop back to 300 dpi for future scans.

Please support the artist if possible.
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You can view it here


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