So I’ve been watching Log Horizon…

while the majority of people might say that the series isn’t visually appealing say compared to Sword Art Online, I still personally like the softer animation if you can call it that.

What personally troubles me is that despite the series being a “garden of flesh” with all kinds of different character designs running around, the series itself has so far spawned only few doujinshi according to Doujinshi DB.

So far few commissioners have taken interest to the series which led me to purchase these two doujinshi
I’m still looking for the following doujinshi

2 thoughts on “So I’ve been watching Log Horizon…

  1. Sword Art fucking sucked. ”2 years worth of sperm”, really? When they got out of the game and even the effin sister wanted to bang the main character I threw my hands up in the air and awaited the mother to pull out his dick and start sucking.

    What a stupid, retarded, asinine series. He must have some sort of intense cologne or maybe it was a self-insert.

  2. It will be nice to see some Log Horizon Doujinshi. I really love the show because it’s a real MMORPG not like SAO.

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