Release #183 Kitsune no Yomeibiri

Title: (C83) [Tanmatsu Ijou (BadHanD)] Kitsune no Yomeibiri (Shinrabansho)
JPN Title: (C83) [端末異常(BadHanD)]狐の嫁いびり (神羅万象)
kitsuneThis doujinshi scan and it’s translation was commissioned by Darkbiofire. Translation done by biribiri-chan.

While I really like the art that BadHanD does. I find i t really unfortunate how the print is handled. There is nothing more frustrating then having a text bubble being eaten by the book spine.

Please support the artist if you can.
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You can view it here

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    • Yeah. It’s something that I’ve been considering for a while now but due to lack of time havent been able to put to action.
      Alternatively I might try putting up some poll on different things I have and people could vote they want to see.

      However I’m not sure if there’s enough traffic to make it work out fairly.

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