Release #154 Hyakki Yakou Lv.2 Lizerds

Title: (COMITIA104) [Hyakki Yakou (Various)] Hyakki Yakou Lv.2 Lizerds (Original)
JPN Title: (コミティア104) [百鬼夜行 (よろず)] 百鬼夜行Lv.2 LIZERDS (オリジナル)
hyakkiWhat a long strange trip this release has been.
I was originally going to purchase this myself because someone at E-Hentai requested it but luckily Darkbiofire commissioned me to buy and scan it so he could get it translated by yours truly biribiri.

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You can view it here

4 thoughts on “Release #154 Hyakki Yakou Lv.2 Lizerds

  1. Hello
    I thank you very much for scanning this doujin but I was wondering if you could upload the RAW scan of it for us.
    I emailed you on it yesterday but got no response so yeah please upload the original if you can.
    Hope to hear a reply from you soon.

    • Hey

      I spoke with the commissioner and at this point there are no plans to release the RAW at this point at least.

  2. I’ve noticed that you upload works fully translated, rather than the Raw itself.

    How does that work, exactly? I’m gonna have my requests translated, so do you wait for the translation, THEN upload it on your blog (if the scan is yours)? I know you don’t upload translations after uploading raw’s (or maybe I’m making a false assumption). Or is it only when the commissioner specifically requests for you to send the scans to a translator?

    Just curious.

    • Hey. Thanks for asking. As you might have noticed, I post a fair amount of RAW doujinshi usually but whenever something gets picked for translation before or during the scanning. I will generally refrain from posting the RAW unless the commissioner asks me to. Sometimes posting the RAW is necessary if the project can be considered as a snipe risk. The usual chain goes something like this: I scan, hand the earmarked scan to the commissioner who then hands it to the translator. Usually the translator/editor will want to be the one that uploads the entire thing.

      I only make a blog post about it crediting the people behind it and link to the releases. I usually try to add links to things I’ve scanned if they have been translated but I’m generally really busy and unable to do so. I still need to churn you that one Nanoha doujinshi out, so look forward to that.

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