Release #185 What’s Up Baby

Title: (C84) [CELLULOID-ACME (Chiba Toshirou)] What’s Up Baby (Various)
JPN Title: (C84) [CELLULOID-ACME (チバトシロウ)] What’s Up Baby (よろず)
whatupIt’s been a while since my last release and I’m positively surprised that nobody beat me to it.
Many thanks to everyone who worked to make this translation possible. Hopefully this will give me the second wind that I so desperately need.

Unfortunately no store/mugimugi link this time but support the artist if you can.

You can view it here

Release #184 Growing Records

Title: [Suitekiya] Growing Records (Original)
JPN Title: [水滴屋 (水滴家悠民)] 成長記録Growing Record (オリジナル)
growingJoint release between

Please support the artist if you can
Doujinshi DB

You can view it here