Title: (C74) [Anklet-Girl (Tousei Oume)] ZERO-Meinu
JPN Title: (C74) [Anklet少女 (東征青梅)] ZERO-牝犬
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The cover pretty much made this a must buy for me.
This release is something I scanned last year while I was experimenting with leveling images.

Turns out that I’m pretty much blind to what looks good.
Guess I’ll keep experimenting but in the meantime, enjoy this one.

Please support the artist if you can
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You can view the doujinshi here

Release #16 Tenchi Musou! Inkou Oni

Title: [Sumire Club 8823 (Oosaka Hananoko)] Tenchi Musou! Inkou Oni (Tenchi Muyou!)
JPN Title: [スミレ倶楽部8823 (大阪花之子)] 天地無双! 陰爻鬼 (天地無用!)
tenchimusouProps for the artist for creating a Tenchi Muyou! doujinshi in 2012.

Really like that the artist’s style is a nice throwback to the style of 90’s.

Please support the artist out if you can.
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I have a request section on my blog with a link to a gallery with some of the stuff I own.
You can view the doujinshi over here

Release #15 Present

Title: (C78) [Cobanzame (Koshow Showshow)] Present (Original)
JPN Title: (C78) [こばんざめ (故障少将)] プレゼント (オリジナル)
presentDecided to scan this small copy-bon from years back from Cobanzame. I will most likely scan some complete works from this artist sooner or later but for now this will have to do

I have one more copy-bon from him that features character designs, prolly roll that one out later this weekend along with some other decent releases.

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You can view this over here

Release #14 YURI SONA 2 Yoru no Joou – Midnight Queen

Title: (COMIC1☆5) [flowerchildUEDA] YURI SONA 2 Yoru no Joou – Midnight Queen (Persona 3)
JPN Title: (COMIC1☆5) [flowerchildUEDA] 百合ソナ2 夜の女王 Midnight Queen (ペルソナ3)
yurisona2Yet another bounty filled.
Think I’ll take a break after this when it comes to filling in bounties and push out some other releases.

This is a sequal story where for once is full girl on girl love without magic dicks or anything showing up.

Fans of Persona 3 should hopefully enjoy this. I’ve had some complaints about the art but I think that’s just fine and the artist is still somewhat new and is stretching his/her wings out.


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You can view the translated version here

Release #13 PEPEYUKIKO

Title: (C81) [DARABUCHIDOU (Darabuchi)] PEPEYUKIKO (Persona 4)
JPN Title: (C81) [だらぶち堂 (だらぶち)] PEPEYUKIKO (ペルソナ 4)
pepeyukiDecided to scan this real quick as it’s really short while working on this another bounty.

I’m a huge fan Darabuchi and I was bit disappointed with the ending of this.

People who follow his works might agree knowing how Darabuchi usually ends up his stories.

I’m bit unsure if I should start adding in blank pages so that there wont be minor gaps in the filenames.

What do you guys think I should do?

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You can view it here

Release #12 Aigis!CRASH!!

Title: (C79) [Fancy-Polori (Arabiki Koshou)] Aigis!CRASH!! (Persona 3)
JPN Title: (C79) [空想ポロリ (あらびき故障)] アイギス!CRASH!! (ペルソナ3)
aigisI have to stop filling these random bounties that I keep spotting. This one features the female protagonist getting molested by a very horny Aegis.

I find that the first ten pages work as pretty good yuri material.

Please support the artist if possible.
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You can view it in English here