Comiket C84 results and server hiccups

Now that Comiket 84 is over. It’s time to tally up the results and start filling out commissions. So everyone who has emailed me about commissions, if you do not find mail from me in your mailboxes later today. Be sure to email me again and I’ll get back to you.


Artist: kazsan

Secondly, I’ve been having server troubles that should not disturb anyone with my low visitor counts but I’m looking into whats causing memory choking on my server.

Summer Comiket 84

c84The time is once again upon us. Summer Comiket 84 will be held on 10.08.2013 – 12.08.2013. So many things to buy to my ever increasing backlog of personal purchases. I’ve already started receiving commission quotations and I’m not sure if I can possibly try to fulfill them all at the actual event and actual stores purchases will be necessary.

To whoever follows my blog, what are you guys looking forward to seeing from this Comiket? I know my list is nearly endless and I’m not even halfway done with the actual catalog.

In the meantime, I decided to clean up and brush up some my earlier blog posts that were imported over from Blogspot and I’ll try to keep updates from here on now.

Winter Comiket 83 – コミックマーケット83 version 2

As most of you might know, Comiket 83 is happening right this weekend.
This time around, I have 224 favorited users on Pixiv that are going to take part at the convention. Easily over 50 circles more than for Comiket 82.

I have someone at the actual convention trying to pick things up for plus I’ve been commissioned to order and scan some Comiket 83 items few different stores.

Some of you have emailed asking me what I’ve been commissioned to buy and scan in order to avoid getting duplicates, so people can use their money more wisely which is really great thinking considering how expensive it can be to have things shipped internationally from Japan. As promised to the people asking for lists, I’ve started putting up picture panoramas of the things I’ve been asked to purchase.

I’ll start with Melonbooks and will continue updating this post as the weekend goes on.
If you have any questions/wishes, you can either mail me using the address in the request section or just reply in this post.

COMIKET 83 Melonbooks




Comiket 83 Toranoana Order 1

Sword Art Online is finally over

saoendThe series is finally over, for now at least. Seeing how well the novels have sold so far in Japan and just this year they’ve sold over 2 million books. At least you’d think that the marketing and sales people would pick up on this and we’ll be seeing season 2 soon enough since there are still novels to cover and the light novel series is still on going.

With the anime being over, guess we’re just left with the doujinshi for now so I’ll be trying to release some unscanned SAO doujinshi next before the year is over.
I’d be interested in hearing comments from visitors on my blog on what they thought about the series as it seemed to garner plenty of different reactions.

Recent purchases and commissions

I’ve been meaning to compile together some of recent things I’ve purchased for myself or have been commissioned to purchase. Guess I’ll try to make up the list for Toranoana stuff I’ve ordered recently.

22.09.2011 Melonbooks









Few of mine, 98% of commissions.
08.10.2012 Melonbooks

Bottom row is mine, rest are commissions.
30.10.2012 Melonbooks



First for in this one is my stuff, the rest are commissions.

Comiket 82 is coming

Oh boy it’s almost time for Comiket 82. So many different things that need buying.
So far I have over 140 Pixiv favorited circles taking part at the event so I have to make some tough decisions on what should I purchase.

Have you guys already figured out what you want from Comiket 82?

WordPress woes

Looks like my blog suffered a minor setback today due to server updates.
I’m still unsure what caused WordPress to hang itself but I’m willing to guess that the reboot somehow messed up the MySQL stuff for WordPress.

Because of this I’ve lost some of my latests post and I’ll have to make them again and generally tinker with the site again. I would really like to find out what actually caused the site to become unresponsive.