UPDATE: Still alive and Discord


So I’m writing this to show that I’m still alive and kicking though I’ve had to slow my pace a bit due to real life related work taking more and more of my time.

Someone I know recommended me to start using Discord, the all-in-one voice and text chat. You can come say hi to me using this link https://discord.gg/nZyzCyz if you feel like it.

Blog updates

I thought it might actually be necessary to write this post because of the amount of questions I get whether I am active or not. I am retroactively doing posts for my previous releases and because of old those are, they won’t necessarily show up on the front page.

Dungeon Defense

7dd6985d168df50a301f4b809e4692faSo I started reading this korean light novel after /a/ recommended it and the art caught my eye. The setting itself is a pretty stock, a guy gets thrown/re-incarnated into a fantasy world after answering this survey in a game which the world is modeled after. The survey decided on the difficulty of the setup, so the protagonist starts on the highest difficulty despite having the rank of a demon lord albeit it’s only place 71. So now he has to overcome these seemingly impossible odds with just his smarts and knowledge he gained from the game. I also like how the protagonist dances around shades of grey when doing business.

You can find the on going translation here1471509067129

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-

So I normally do not blog about series/manga but I’m making an exception on Re:Zero’s part. I got introduced to the web novel few years ago and I was really surprised the light novel ended up getting it’s own anime over Mushoku Tensei and Shield Hero but I guess we have Kadokawa to thank for that. I don’t mind as Re:Zero in my opinion is a breath of fresh air offering the viewer and readers a different protagonist from your usual isekai protagonist with godlike powers.

With the series being as popular as it is, I’m wondering I should invest any money into buying doujinshi about it as so far the scanning track record is rather good though quality varies. The last few episodes of the series should be a bang.rem2-copy

So I’ve been watching Log Horizon…

while the majority of people might say that the series isn’t visually appealing say compared to Sword Art Online, I still personally like the softer animation if you can call it that.

What personally troubles me is that despite the series being a “garden of flesh” with all kinds of different character designs running around, the series itself has so far spawned only few doujinshi according to Doujinshi DB.

So far few commissioners have taken interest to the series which led me to purchase these two doujinshi
I’m still looking for the following doujinshi

Current workload and catching up on it

Thought I’d make a post about my current situation as concerned users are emailing me. There’s a slight delay when it comes to answering emails right now.

1391164402577I would like you to email me again if you haven’t received any kind of reply as there is a chance I might have opened up the email but simply forgot to answer it due to being in a hurry. In the meantime I would like to remind everyone that I work for several commissioners at the same time so delivery time may vary as I’m only a single man operation at this point.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.