Release #188 3 Sweet Devils & 3 Pinky Devils ch.2

Title: [Mario] 3 Sweet Devils & 3 Pinky Devils
JPN Title: [まりお] スリースウィートデビルズ
3sweetPhew. My first stab at publishing a single chapter from a magazine/tank. Scan commissioned by Flammz and then the further commissioned desudesu for the translation. This would be the second chapter in the story.

You can view it here

Release #143 Ikenai Access -Yaritai Site 3-

Title: [Hara Shigeyuki] Ikenai Access
JPN Title: [原茂之] いけないアクセス
ikeaccessMy first public tankoubon release. This was something that was commissioned from me by sentrin on E-Hentai. The whole project took me longer than I expected but as of today I’ve handed him the final scanned chapters. Now just the translating and editing remains and the ball has been passed to desudesu

Hopefully we’ll be able to see the entire thing released in English as soon as possible but in the meantime here’s chapter 1 and 6 on E-Hentai

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