Comiket 82 is coming

Oh boy it’s almost time for Comiket 82. So many different things that need buying.
So far I have over 140 Pixiv favorited circles taking part at the event so I have to make some tough decisions on what should I purchase.

Have you guys already figured out what you want from Comiket 82?

12 thoughts on “Comiket 82 is coming

    • That’s unfortunate. I’m hoping with all these 90’s anime getting new shows or reboots (JoJo’s,Sailor Moon,New DBZ Movie) that maybe other people will take notice. Who knows maybe Kajishima will give us some incite on what he’s working on anime wise this time around and it’ll be OVA 4 or something with the main cast!

  1. A nice selection. I lol’d abit when I saw Vivio got censored out for obvious reasons. Looking forward for your scans in these in the future.

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